President-elect B.H. Obama has announced he plans to give terrorists and enemy combatants rights as American citizens in granting them civilian trials. Now that’s change the terrorists can believe in!

Adrian Peterson is awesome awesome awesome.

The Museum of Idolatry has additional exhibits on Barack “The Messiah” Obama.

Michelle Malkin on how “Peggy the Moocher” beat “Joe the Plumber”.

Voter fraud in Ohio.

Milwaukee vote-fraud special investigative unit ordered not to work on election day.

Military voters disenfranchised in Virginia.

LCMS church in Wisconsin ordered to remove pro-life church sign on election day.

Concordia–Chicago (formerly River Forest) professors supporting terrorist William Ayers.

Rev. Benjamin Harju on the Church Year as presented in LSB.

GetReligion’s Terry Mattingly on “Christian” churches offering communion to the unbaptized.

Pastor Mason Beecroft has a laser-lock on All Saints’ sermons. Last year’s was excellent, and this year’s is just as good.