Some of our congregation’s leaders routinely make fun of me for my iGadgets. Our president calls my iPad an “iFrisbee,” and I really think sometimes he’s tempted to throw it thus. When I converted to Apple, I went all the way.

Now CPH has come out with an iPhone app for the Pastoral Care Companion, a book with occasional services in it (such as weddings and funerals), other rites (e.g., the blessing of a home) along with Bible passages, prayers, and other guidance for ministering the Word to people in various situations (sickness, grief, depression, etc.). It’s an important book for a pastor to have close at hand, because these situations tend to rise up unexpectedly; that is why I have two, one at church and another at home, since I am not able to live near the church. I will probably buy the app, as it will be good to have always close at hand to reference. [UPDATE: $20? Nope, more Deutschmarks than I can spare right now.] But I have a hard time imagining using it in an actual ministerial situation.

But I’d like to hear from you, gentle reader: How would you feel if you were sick in the hospital, your pastor comes to visit, and pulls out his iPhone to read Scripture or prayers? Answer in the comments.