Here is a list of documents from multiple sources on the HHS mandate and its violation of religious freedom and even federal law (Religious Freedom Restoration Act).


HHS Rule

Final Rule (finalizing the troublesome Interim Final Rule WITHOUT CHANGE)

Guidance on a Temporary Extension (to give time to religious entities to figure out how to violate their beliefs)

White House Fact Sheet Promising a Faux Compromise (sometime between now and after the election)

HRSA Guidelines on Preventive Care Services for Women (complete with the narrowest exemption for religious employers they could draft)



House legislation:

H.R. 1179, Respect for Rights of Conscience Act, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, 198 cosponsors, Staff contact:


Senate legislation:

S. 1467, Respect for Rights of Conscience Act, Sen. Roy Blunt, 37 cosponsors, Staff contact:

S. 2043, Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Sen. Marco Rubio, 29 cosponsors, Staff contact:




VAT Groups

Alliance Defense Fund:

Obama Administration “Compromise” on Abortifacient Mandate a Sham

Americans United for Life:

Abortion Groups Employ Sexist Anti-Catholic Mandate Defense

Obama Administration Puts an Expiration Date on Freedom of Conscience

A Counting Lesson for the Obama White House: Why Women and Catholics are Troubled by the Violations of Conscience in the Health Care Law

Yes, It’s Unprecedented

AUL Comment on HHS Interim Final Rule


The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty:

FAQs on Court Cases over HHS Mandate


Concerned Women for America:

The Political Reality Behind the HHS Mandate


Eagle Forum:

Obama Obeys the Feminists Again


Family Research Council:

FRCAction Talking Points

FRCAction Q and A

FRCAction Score Letter

Contraception Mandate a Profound Violation of Religious Freedom



Nothing Has Changed: Obamacare’s Anti-Conscience Mandate

No Way Out: How Conscience Gets Trapped in Obamacare’s Little Box of Horrors


National Right to Life Committee:

New Obama Scam (You Must Pay, But Nobody Pays) Lays Groundwork for Future National Abortion Mandate


U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Here Comes Everybody… on HHS

Bishop Lori Tells Parable Of The Kosher Deli And The Pork Mandate In Congressional Testimony

Cardinal Urges Senate Support Of ‘Respect For Rights Of Conscience Act’

Bishops Decry HHS Rule, Urge Catholics To Stand Up For Religious Liberty And Conscience Rights In Homilies At Vigil For Life

Background on Religious Freedom

USCCB: HHS Mandate For Contraceptive And Abortifacient Drugs Violates Conscience Rights

USCCB Conscience Protections Webpage


News Articles and Op-Eds

Religious Leaders: Obama Violates Basic Rights by Requiring Contraceptive

Birth control compromise still presents grave moral concerns to Catholic Church

Lessons From Barack Obama’s Catholic Betrayal

Catholic Charities denies endorsement of Obama administration’s contraceptive coverage policy

Both Sides Eager to Take Birth Control Coverage Issue to Voters

Bishops plan big birth-control battle expansion

Birth-Control Mandate: Unconstitutional and Illegal