Hilarious! From the Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley:

Contemporary Christianity Exam

Announced by Archdruid Eileen
3 hours. No talking, mobile phones or proselytising. 

1. Why would you not want to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury? (Use no more than 6 sheets of paper)

2. A small Methodist chapel has six members. With the aid of compasses and a protractor, draw a diagram of the inter-relationships of the committees they are on. Use no more than four dimensions.

4. A URC chapel has 20 members. Draw the typical seating arrangement at 10.29 on a Sunday. (Use the back row only)

7. The graph below shows an experiment on the effect of incense concentration on congregation members.

a) At which concentration of incense has the entire congregation passed out?
b) Why were people coughing even when the thurible was empty?

11. On a silent retreat, what percentage of the men will be in the pub within 10 minutes of Compline? Clue for people with Arts degrees – “100%” is equal to all of them)

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