Tomorrow at Immanuel we will finish a five-week study of Saint Athanasius’ On the Incarnation. It was a surprisingly easy study to prepare; I simply printed excerpts (from the text in Accordance Bible software) for the congregation to read aloud, and defined terms and led discussion as we went through it. There are nine chapters, but you can skip the last four, doing the first five chapters one per week. I was edified, and I think my congregation benefited from it as well. For those interested, here are my summary questions for the first four chapters that I’m going to use as a review after we finish chapter five (which is rather short) on the Resurrection tomorrow morning:



Summary questions for On the Incarnation:

  1. Does the Word (Logos) have a body by nature?
  2. What was the motivation in God for the incarnation?
  3. What is the connection between the creation and the renewal of creation?
  4. How is man different from other creatures?
  5. When man turned away from God, what began to govern the world?
  6. Why was repentance not enough to correct the problem?
  7. What is the “divine dilemma”?
  8. What are the purposes of the incarnation?
  9. Apart from the incarnation, what were the ways for man to know God?
  10. Christ is the Image of God. What does His coming do for those once made in the image of God?
  11. What does the death of Jesus accomplish?