Russell Moore is spot-on here:

This counter satanic humility can be seen, first, in Christians learning to give up the sense of desperation we feel when we lose “control” of our lives, our expectations, our families, our churches, our country. I don’t know what your personal trap is for kingdom building. For me, the satanic temptation was there in the having of children. When my wife and I first married, I was absolutely terrified of her getting pregnant “too early.” I had all kinds of plans for my schooling and for my ministry, and I didn’t think we could “afford” children for a while. The day finally arrived when I was “ready” to be a father. Maria and I made the “decision” and celebrated around the table. It was almost like an engagement. But nothing happened. Thank God.

That’s easy for me to say two adoptions and two births—four children later. But if we had conceived right away, I would have been a miserably bad father. I would have seen those children as simply an extension of myself and of my plans for the future. I know that because of the way I reacted to years of infertility and miscarriage. Although I never would have put it this way, I actually felt as though God was taking something away from me. He was taking away from me the “normal” life I’d mapped out for myself. In fact, he was taking away from me my god, the god of a self-directed future.

Tempted and Tried: Temptation and the Triumph of Christ (p. 149)