More from our Confessions on faith and works, this time from the Large Catechism, Fourth Commandment:

How can you lead a more blessed or holier life as far as your works are concerned? In God’s sight faith is what really makes a person holy and serves Him alone, but the works are for the service of people. (I.146f)

Then Dr. Luther speaks about rewards for the pious and punishments for the rebellious. He then urges us toward godliness:

Whoever will not be moved by this and lean toward godliness we hand over to the hangman and to the skeleton man. Therefore, let everyone who allows himself to be advised remember that God is not joking. Know that it is God who speaks with you and demands obedience. If you obey Him, you are His dear child. But if you despise obedience, then take shame, misery, and grief for your reward. (I.149)