In a discussion related to the LCMS group OWN (Ordain Women Now), LCMS pastor Matthew Becker calls for the full embracing of “modern western egalitarianism.” Peter Speckhard (who I think is also an LCMS pastor) is spot-on in his reply:

Churches that embrace Western egalitarianism for the sake of the Gospel have typically not served the Gospel well, either in terms of evangelism to America or in term of bringing a Christian witness to the social problems of the day. Western egalitarianism is busy exterminating itself with pills and abortions, and churches that seek to blend in with it will have to keep shrinking to find cover.

Empty swings

Read Jonathan Last’s What To Expect When No One’s Expecting, and you will find statistical confirmation of this. Church leaders for decades have been promoting new and more inventive ways of compromising the Gospel in hopes of drawing the masses. All it’s done is cause us to shrink. The church needs to promote procreation, adoption, foster care, and catechesis of these children above all. Without that, there will be no one left to evangelize, except the Mohammedans. And something tells me that won’t be very well received.