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Prayer Vigil for Peace in Alexandria

Posted on June 14th, 2017

  Prayer Vigil for Peace Psalm 120 June 14, A+D 2017 A service held the day when five were shot at a practice for the annual Congressional Baseball Game. “I cry to you for help, and you do not answer me.” These are the words of Job to God. “I cry to you for help, and you do not answer me.” They are the words we feel when terrible things happen. Whether it’s the horrible shooting today, or the unexpected tragedy, or the death of someone we love – where is God? What is His answer? Why is He silent? “I cry to you for help, and you do not answer me.” At times, it seems God Himself is the author of our troubles.…

Baccalaureate Vespers 2015

Posted on June 3rd, 2015

Excerpt from the 2015 Baccalaureate Vespers service at Immanuel Lutheran School:   Do we have time for one last Latin lesson? Graduation has gradus as its root. We get “grade,” like “8th grade” from it, but that derives from the word “step,” like stair-steps. And it all derives from an even earlier meaning, “to walk, go.” The point is that graduation doesn’t mean you are done. It means now you walk, go to the next step on the journey. What’s the destination? For a Christian, the goal is the world-renewal that has begun with the resurrection of Jesus, which we heard Isaiah describe as when “the wilderness becomes a fruitful field,” when “the effect of righteousness will be peace.” God will bring about the…