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Sermo Dei: Reminiscere 2017

Posted on March 13th, 2017

“That was a nice prayer.” When people say that to me, I know I’ve failed. Prayer is not supposed to be nice. Prayer is confident desperation, shouted in the dark, or whispered while trembling. Our prayers are too nice. In fact, they are so polite, they are rude. What else do you call it when our prayer before meals is rattled off like an auctioneer? Do you say the Lord’s Prayer with the enthusiasm of a funeral director reading the phone book? Are your private prayers basically a Hail Mary pass – it probably won’t work but you might as well try it? Enough with polite, respectful, “nice” prayers! They betray an uncertainty that God is listening or will answer our prayer. This Canaanite…

Update: Placement of the Marriage Rite

Posted on July 14th, 2010

A correspondent (a very capable liturgical scholar) sent me an email pertaining to my earlier post on the placement of the marriage rite in the daily office. He is in favor of keeping the marriage rite in the place where the LW Agenda has it (after the sermon). However, he gives these useful historical details: Before the liturgical reforms of Vatican II the marriage rite in the Roman Church preceded the beginning of the Nuptial Mass; however, the Solemn Nuptial Blessing was given immediately after the Our Father and before the celebrant continued with the Libera nos Domine and the Pax Domini. When the Nuptial Eucharist was restored in some our Synod’s parishes the Roman custom was followed. (This was also Anglican usage until…