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How do Lutherans use the Law?

Posted on December 10th, 2013

Several posts at Gottesdienst Online (“Are you an Antinomian?” and “Luther in the Antinomian Disputations”) have highlighted the problem among Lutherans in understanding and applying the Law. Jason Braaten notes, This is how we are to preach the law according to Luther: ” . . . so as to admonish to good. . . . by way of exhortation . . . .” The law is not just for the lawless, to terrify. It is to be preached to the pious so as to admonish to good. I agree with Jordan Cooper’s observation in “Characteristics of Lutheran Antinomianism” that there is an antinomian problem in American Lutheranism. I too have heard the kind of statements he has highlighted: The believer is not the new man-Christ…

Rethinking categories for the worship wars

Posted on November 11th, 2011

I’m on vacation, and catching up on my Instapaper queue. Hence, my discovery of a 2009 piece at Gottesdienst Online by Fr. Heath Curtis titled “Frivolous, Disorderly, and Indecorous.” I like his redefinition of “traditional” worship advocacy as the Reverent Worship Movement. The real issue, he articulates well, is not a matter of styles or preferences, but that contemporary worship is offensive, both to broken sinners but especially to a holy God. And that, of course, is why the Contemporary folks think the Gottesdienst Crowd to be worse than a bunch of young fogey sourpusses. It’s not just that we are square: we are narrow minded and tryannical, desirous to force all people to go along with our style when acquiescing to a different…

I have returned

Posted on June 23rd, 2011

from a quick trip to Sussex, Wisconsin (Milwaukee) and to Minnetonka, Minnesota (Minneapolis). It was my first time attending the Concordia Catechetical Academy annual symposium; it was well worth it! (I’m planning on posting my presentation as a series of blog posts starting next week.) I got to catch up with some old friends (Stuckwisch, Juhl, and the Gottesdienst Mafia) and make a few new ones. I have Andrew Bender to thank for the invitation to speak; I got to know Andrew when he was interning for NASA and attended Immanuel, and he put his dad up to it; it was so good to see him, albeit briefly. Speaking of his father, Peter Bender and his lovely wife throw a fantastic party at their…