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Sermo Dei: Exaudi 2017

Posted on May 29th, 2017

He’s worried, the man who wrote our opening Psalm. “Hear, O Lord,” means, “Are you listening?” He seeks the Lord’s face – yet begs, “Hide not your face from me.” Why is He not listening? Why does His face appear hidden? ISIS blows up children in Manchester; Coptic Christians are gunned down in Egypt’s desert. Did the Lord not hear them? Why does His face appear hidden? There you stand, at the grave of your wife. There you stumble, at the difficult moments of your life. There you weep, as your child struggles and suffers. There you sigh, as no companion materializes for you. Did the Lord not hear you? Why does His face appear hidden? “The LORD is my light and my salvation;…

Sermo Dei: Trinity 13, 2016

Posted on August 21st, 2016

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles talks about the dedication necessary to compete at the highest level. “I could choose to hit snooze…. I’m at the gym 300 days a year. I could take a day off. But I don’t. I choose to rise to the challenge.” That’s what’s before you, if you want gold: You can choose to hit snooze, or you can choose to be awesome. When you watch Simone Biles compete, or Katie Ledecky, or Michael Phelps, you’re seeing the result of extraordinary dedication. Some people inherit money, or good looks – but you cannot inherit being a great athlete, or musician, or surgeon, or pilot, or Navy SEAL. You have to spend enormous amounts of focused time in the pool, in the…