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Pregnancy is not a disease

Posted on February 19th, 2012

Another excellent point from Maggie Karner’s fine article at Christianity today which I highlighted yesterday: The claim by the pro-Obamacare folks that contraception is “preventive care” is messing with the lexicon of medical definition. Quite simply, pregnancy is not a disease. So therefore, pregnancy does not require preventive care. Instead, it requires “diagnostic care” for the health of the mother and baby. This is something entirely different. We cannot succumb to the mantra that killing unborn children is preventive care.  

Attacks on religious liberty rebranded as defending women’s “health”

Posted on February 18th, 2012

In the aftermath of the Obama administration’s assault on religious liberty, the media have presented doctored statistics and deflected the issue into a general spin of “women’s health” (as if chemicals designed to alter the natural functioning of a woman’s body, or the outright murder of little girls, is somehow in the interest of women’s “health”). Here’s a sample of Mollie Hemingway’s analysis (“Media ignore women, for women”) at GetReligion: My church body never engages in politics, for doctrinal reasons. But here even when we are compelled to speak out, the words that our elected President spoke aren’t important because he’s male? By falling for partisan spin about gender inequality, reporters have completely marginalized me and the millions of women who were being represented…