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Staupitz on money and faith

Posted on January 23rd, 2013

Luther’s confidence that God supplies daily bread was nourished by his father-confessor: I remember that Staupitz told me a story about a prior in a certain monastery who continually complained that the income of the monastery was too slender for him to be able to procure the food and necessities for the monks from this source. Finally Staupitz demanded from him a statement of the income and the expenditures. Here he saw that the property of the monastery had been notably increased every year. Therefore after summoning him to his presence he removed him from office, saying: “You are not a man of faith. Consequently, it is impossible for you to further the interests of the monastery.” -AE 5

Advent reading, day 10: With a heart “besieged by [God] on every side,” Augustine sets aside his “hope of reputation and wealth”

Posted on December 8th, 2011

Today’s reading begins with Augustine ruminating on the Platonic philosophical works he had been imbibing, and concludes in the middle of his discussion with Simplicianus, spiritual father to Ambrose. For the full schedule, click here. As Augustine grows more knowledgeable about Platonism, and proofs for the catholic doctrine of God over against his previous delusion, he was still “far too weak to enjoy you. yet I readily chattered as though skilled in the subject…. I had already begun to covet a reputation for wisdom.” He now realizes what he lacked then: “Where was that charity which builds on the foundation of humility that is Christ Jesus?” What finally pushes him toward full conversion is a serious read of the Pauline epistles. “With intense eagerness…

Trinity 15

Posted on October 3rd, 2011

Note: there was a baptism at the Divine Service at which this sermon was preached. Gospel: Mt. 6.24-34 When Jesus says, “You cannot serve God and mammon,” He is not accusing you of being devoted to money. (Mammon, by the way, means money, income, earnings, savings.) If you are a servant of mammon, that means money is the most important thing in your life and you’ll do anything to get it. But I seriously doubt that’s your problem. Unless somebody compelled you to come to church by force this morning, there is a part of you that wishes to serve God. And that’s the problem: it’s only part of you. You’d like to do precisely what Jesus says “No” to today: serve God and…