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Pamela York: Lay Down This World

Posted on December 11th, 2012

Jazz pianist Pamela York has a new album out, this time of hymns and spirituals. It’s called Lay Down This World, and the opening track will be a hit with Lutherans. Check it out here at iTunes. It’s also available at Amazon and elsewhere. It’s rare that I buy an entire album straight up without previewing every track, but Pam’s previous albums are terrific, and she’s also a great person: I met her at Berklee College of Music, and we went to church together at Park Street in Boston. Seriously, go buy it right now.

Be a mensch

Posted on October 30th, 2009

I play the piano at our Wednesday evening services. When we have Holy Communion, the piano bench blocks the aisle for communicants returning from the altar. For years, I could never remember to push in the bench after the Hymn of the Day. Kassie tried gentle reminders. I forgot. She tried admonitions. I ignored them. She tried a sticky note. I didn’t see it. She tried several sticky notes. I still didn’t see them. Then, she got serious. I pushed in the bench.

Haunting Satie

Posted on April 25th, 2009

The music of Erik Satie haunts me. I’m always sad when the recording ends, and if I had nothing to do I could just listen to this piece (Gymnopedies 1) over and over again. The problem is, when it comes on, no work gets done: I’m entranced. I found this interesting interpretation on YouTube. The pianist takes it much slower than is typical. I don’t think I prefer this interpretation, but it is beautifully played nonetheless, and it’s interesting how he uses his right hand for some chords where many retain the left-hand pattern. Enjoy: