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The beleaguered pastor and the lighthouse keeper

Posted on November 29th, 2012

Walter Trobisch was visiting a pastor in Africa whose marriage and health was suffering because of the incessant demands of parishioners. Here is the dialogue between Trobisch and Pastor Daniel, as recounted inI Married You: “It’s not only the telephone. The visitors and callers, too, are a problem. They come at any time.” “I can see no other solution. You must decide on certain hours when you are available, and then post these times on the door.” Daniel said, “Africans wouldn’t understand it. They would think it is very impolite. It is against their traditions.” “Listen, my brother, if you would come to Germany, and I would take you to any local parish, I can promise you that the pastor there has the same…

Rethinking work

Posted on February 26th, 2010

I’ve long struggled with how to manage the things I consider important which often get relegated to the side (praying, studying, spending significant time preparing for preaching and teaching) for more “urgent” tasks (wave after wave of email, paper, unnecessary meetings, interruptions for things that don’t actually require a pastor). When I first became a pastor, I tried doing the method I’d developed during college and seminary: block out my day hour by hour, and assign myself working times around my classes and work schedule. Only, by then I was married, the phone rang a lot, and people were coming by that I hadn’t planned for. I’m sure I was rude to a lot of people because I saw them as interruptions to my…