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Be present where you are

Posted on June 6th, 2012

Former president Bill Clinton has some excellent words on Facebook and the communications culture that is developing in our country. Williams: “Do you have an opinion on Facebook as a movement, as a product, as an IPO? And did you buy in?” Clinton: “No, I didn’t buy any, no, I don’t have an opinion on the IPO. What I’m worried about is that for young people who send an average of 80 text messages a day on their telephones, and live on the internet, that it may make it harder for them now and for the rest of their lives to be present where they are. I think one thing is, I was the last president born—President Bush, I never asked him this, how…

Trinity 27 sermon

Posted on November 22nd, 2010

Gospel for Trinity 27 (Last Sunday of the Church Year): Matthew 25.1-13 Discovering that using the social-networking website Facebook was facilitating adulterous relationships within his congregation, a pastor in New Jersey has gotten his fifteen minutes of fame by requiring all of the married leaders in his church to delete their Facebook accounts. That is a legalistic and very wrong solution to a very real problem that transcends adultery. In an essay entitled “The Acceleration of Addictiveness,” Paul Graham observes that when new drugs or technologies were developed at a slower rate, culture was able to counteract the worst addictions by developing customs that discouraged harmful behaviors. With the rapid pace of change today, addictions are accelerating, among them a widespread addiction to the…

The case against Twitter

Posted on July 6th, 2009

My Twitter account is restored. I’m sure you’re all relieved. So, to celebrate, I am sharing with you a a series of moral arguments against using Twitter. I came across it on Twitter. Make of that what you will. Here are a couple of them: Virtue Ethics Argument (1) One ought always to act in good faith. (2) Therefore, if one Twitters, one ought always to Twitter in good faith. (3) One can Twitter in good faith only if one believes one’s life to be so important as to merit the attention of others. (4) It is narcissistic to believe one’s life to be so important as to merit the attention of others. (5) Therefore, one can Twitter in good faith only if one…

Twitter account suspended! [Updated]

Posted on July 5th, 2009

I’ve made no secret about my enjoyment of Twitter. I’ve come to rely on it not only for the “social networking” aspects, but for news updates and sports scores; it’s also become a substitute RSS reader for me – since using Twitter regularly, I find I check Google Reader less and less, where it used to be a daily habit of mine. Today, after dropping my parents off at the airport (they visited for the Independence Day weekend), I came home and went to the computer to see if I could track down why I couldn’t log in to Twitter on my iPhone client, Tweetie. I was greeted with this:

Real priests wear rose

Posted on March 22nd, 2009

I lost 5 followers on Twitter today with the remark, “Real priests wear rose.” So in the comments, please suggest short items equally scandalous by which I can weed out the rest of the chaff among my followers on Twitter. Rose (NOT pink!) is the liturgical color for Gaudete (the third Sunday in Advent) and Laetare (the fourth Sunday of Lent), and last autumn my parish gifted me (see, I can use that annoying verb too, but not without a parenthetical comment mocking it) with a rose chasuble. The long-suffering Kassie snapped a picture after Divine Service in the vestry. Kindly note that my vestments are actually rose, unlike Petersen’s (you’ll have to see the pictures on Facebook).


Posted on March 3rd, 2009

I mentioned on Twitter recently that I have achieved a long-held dream (yes, I’m a nerd): 2-way push syncing between Google Calendar and iPhone. Several people asked me how I did it, and this post is for them. It’s no special trick on my part; I just finally used the tools that I knew were there but hadn’t taken the time to employ. (The few inches of snow horrible, death-dealing white reign of terror on Monday afforded me some unexpected free time at home in the evening.) So, here’s what happened (apologies to Adrian Monk), and how you too can enjoy this bliss: First, I did a sync with iTunes to make sure that my iPhone calendar and iCal on the Mac had the latest…

All a-Twitter for St. John Chrysostom

Posted on February 11th, 2009

The first time I heard about Twitter, I thought it was ridiculous. Then, when the buzz didn’t die down, I signed up for an account. No one I knew was on it, and it seemed silly. Twitter asks the question, “What are you doing right now?” I took it literally, thinking I needed to broadcast to the world every boring, stupid, and embarrassing detail of my life. Then, I discovered Facebook. I really like it. It can be a major timewaster (Hello? Mob Wars?), but I love being able to keep up with parishioners, family members, and friends I otherwise would rarely see or talk with. And I enjoy reading the humorous, angry, snarky, and occasionally uplifting status updates of others. It’s a massive…