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Is marriage just a piece of paper?

Posted on December 19th, 2012

Why must we first get an official license to go to bed together? Is it really that piece of paper which brings marriage into being? Of course, it isn’t any more than a birth certificate brings a baby into being. Still, it’s more than just a piece of paper. It protects human life legally. The same is true about the marriage license. It protects marriage legally. Walter Trobisch, I Married You

The beleaguered pastor and the lighthouse keeper

Posted on November 29th, 2012

Walter Trobisch was visiting a pastor in Africa whose marriage and health was suffering because of the incessant demands of parishioners. Here is the dialogue between Trobisch and Pastor Daniel, as recounted inI Married You: “It’s not only the telephone. The visitors and callers, too, are a problem. They come at any time.” “I can see no other solution. You must decide on certain hours when you are available, and then post these times on the door.” Daniel said, “Africans wouldn’t understand it. They would think it is very impolite. It is against their traditions.” “Listen, my brother, if you would come to Germany, and I would take you to any local parish, I can promise you that the pastor there has the same…

The impossibility of a trial marriage

Posted on August 30th, 2012

Walter Trobisch, in his book I Married You, sees marriage as having three aspects: Love, one flesh (sex), and wedlock. The problem with a “trial marriage” is that it isn’t really a trial, since it is undertaken outside of one of the key aspects of marriage, the permanent bond. [It] is one of the greatest temptations of our time: to consider the legal act of the wedding as a mere formality, as an unimportant piece of paper which one can get someday, or maybe not at all. One pretends that the two angles of love and sex represent the whole of marriage. “Some people, in all seriousness, propose trial marriages. They suggest that a couple live together for awhile in order to see whether…

Marriage is the protector of love

Posted on July 30th, 2012

Love needs marriage as much as marriage needs love. In the sad hours when love is in danger of growing cold, husband and wife cling to the fact that they are married and remind each other of their mutual promise. ‘After all, I married you,’ they say. Thus, marriage becomes the protector, the guardian of love. Walter Trobisch, I Married You

Becoming one flesh

Posted on July 17th, 2012

‘To become one flesh’ means much more than just the physical union. It means that two persons share everything they have, not only their bodies, not only their material possessions, but also their thinking and their feeling, their joy and their suffering, their hopes and their fears, their successes and their failures. ‘To become one flesh’ means that two persons become completely one with body, soul, and spirit, and yet there remains two different persons. This is the innermost mystery of marriage. It is hard to understand. Maybe we can’t understand it at all. We can only experience it. -Trobisch, Walter, I Married You