Sermon for Trinity 7

The Lord Jesus sees the need of the people in the wilderness, and gives them the free gift of His compassion. In the same way, the Lord Jesus sees your need, and has compassion. In today’s Gospel, the LORD wants you to see that He will not abandon His people; He will not send them away hungry. But the timing of His help is not as we would suspect; it comes when everything else is exhausted. It comes when the disciples can see no hope, no resource, no solution. It comes when the people are starving and in the wilderness. But it does come, at the Lord’s command, on account of His compassion.

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Sermon on Psalm 141

We are very familiar with Psalm 141, since it is a fixed part of our Evening Prayer liturgy. “Let my prayer rise before You as incense, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.”

The lifting up of hands in prayer at the evening sacrifice betokened the Lamb of God, who was offered up as our sacrifice at the evening of the world – and whose death itself came about at the time of the evening sacrifice. There on the cross, His arms were lifted up, as He offered prayers for the world’s forgiveness.

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You Will Be My Disciples: Sermon for the LCMS Florida-Georgia District Convention

All we have to offer the world is the cross of Jesus. The greatness of Luther is in his pointing to Jesus and His cross. There is the One who lays down His life for friends and enemies alike. You are by God’s grace called to be His disciples; by God’s grace you will become His disciples; and by God’s grace He will prune us to bring forth fruit – confessing His name to the world, and bearing evil with patience.

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Sermon on Psalm 140

Jesus placed Himself entirely in the hands of the Father. Jesus was confident that the Father would judge rightly. He was confident that He would be vindicated.

This is likewise how the Psalm teaches us to live. We are surrounded by those “who plan evil things in their heart.” But the way of Jesus is shown in this Psalm. We do not plot against them in return, but entrust ourselves to Him who judges justly.

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